•  Is actively building competency, capacity, and agility to meet the digital literacy and unemployment challenges in the rural and peri-rural communities.
  • Committed to closing the digital divide, to improving education and digital training across the African Continent by offering courses that embody the inventiveness, openness, rigor, and quality that will be the symbol of ITSI.
  • We believe that by working together with various International Institutions, our digital training objectives will be achieved for a successful Africa.

ITSI programme will include:

  • promoting entrepreneurship
  • enriching the skills and ability of entrepreneurs
  • increasing capacity of Youth to successfully grow and start companies.
  • Improving the environment for entrepreneurial development which can be delivered through many forms.

This entrepreneurial development includes

  1. venture development organisations,
  2. mentorship programmes,
  3. Bootcamps,
  4. accelerators and incubators, and
  5. digital skills.

Our Executive and Advisory Board member’s experience is grounded in ICT and spans across the sector’s operations, entrepreneurship, and academia, boasting specialist expertise in Applied Information Education, ICT4 Research and Development, Information Technology Governance, ICT in Rural Development and Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Smart Technologies, Agricultural Economics, E-Learning as well as Corporate Leadership and Investment.


We do everything with a mark of being truly Professional while challenging the old and executing the new with an INNOVATIVE approach, committing to the highest standards of being ETHICAL, ensuring being RESPECTABLE in our work and conduct, maintaining our belief in COLLABORATIVE growth for all, clients and team members, and ensuring that we strive to achieve EXCELLENCE in everything we do, Above all, development in Communities that we engage to act with INTEGRITY while ensuring Socio-Economic Impactful.

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